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2019 NL MVP | Chicago Cubs

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Go Where the Pro's Go,
They Trust Wish!

Dr. Wishmyer takes care of the best on the Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels, St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, and more!

We are proud of the work we do and the patient successes we see daily at WISH ChiroSport, but don't take our word for it– Read real stories from actual patients!



I wish I could have met the staff of WISH Chirosport through different circumstances, but they have truly been the silver lining in a dark cloud. I was involved in a car accident where someone t-boned me. My survival mode kicked in and all I could worry about was my car, so it was my body that took the back seat. I thought I was fine until the next morning when reality hit almost as hard as the whiplash. Being hunched over was the only comfortable position I could tolerate. 

Dr. Wishmyer showed me my x-rays. I asked him if that was me bending to my side and he informed me that it was of me standing up straight. that nearly floored me. Even with news like that, he has put me at such ease, both physically and mentally. He truly has a way of healing you from the inside out. I felt so much lighter after my first session and my body wanted to stand up straighter.

Going into his office has helped me recover and I feel so much greater. Everyone at his office are all so thoughtful and kind. I am in awe that these people really exist.

Dr. Wishmyer has done more than heal my body, but really help my soul. He has done so much for me that I could ever repay him. All I have are these words and praise. If you need chiropractic help in any way, you deserve to see the best person for it and that’s Dr. Jordan Wishmyer.



Can’t say enough about this place. Came here following a car accident, and I was very discouraged that my body didn’t feel like my own. Came in for a consultation and Dr. Wish had set me up with a plan immediately. 

Dr. Wish is skilled and efficient with his treatment. He personalized my exercises and frequency of visits based on my particular injuries, and I could tell that he and Caitlin are genuinely invested in their patients. Should I ever need an adjustment, this will be the first place I go! Highly recommend!!



If you want to make your back pain go away you came to the right place! Dr. Wish is amazing! He has the knowledge, technique and modern equipment to solve your back problem.

I have been going to Dr. Wish for 3 months and my herniated disc pain has gone away completely. I am also more flexible in all my joints, back and neck. I never believed a chiropractor could help, but i am a believer now.



I recently was referred to Dr. Wishmyer. He’s a skilled chiropractor, with a lot of attention to detail. He is solution oriented and truly wants his patients to improve. His practice is in a great location, in a very nice office. His staff is pleasant and I’m glad I ended up there!



Wow! It had been a while since I went to a chiropractor but I woke up in pain and needed relief. What i found is a hidden gem! It’s modern and unlike any other chiro i’ve ever visited. everything about the experience seemed better and more cutting edge.

I was greeted kindly, offered water and Dr. J performed magic! Never thought I’d say this about a doctor visit… But i cannot wait to go back! Big thanks to the WISH Chirosport team.



"One month of chiropractic care with Dr. Wish has done more for me than two years with a different doctor! His personalized approach and really getting me to be specific with my goals set me at ease from the beginning and I’m already seeing great results. Very great experience so far, warm environment, top-notch!!



"I’ve been a patient for several months now and really recommend this place. Doctor Wish is knowledgeable and approachable, you can tell how much I trust him since I even brought my infant daughter in for a consultation and adjustment. 

Staff is awesome, always friendly! My back/neck feel much better. I had a problem with my foot one time and that went away with the magical adjustment. Front desk will accommodate your schedule without any problem, always with a smile and understanding.”



Thank you WISH Chirosport for changing my life! I had headaches my entire life. Dr. Jordan has treated me for three months and I have not had one headache since starting treatment! 

My goal was to get my headaches under control and I had no idea that I could be headache free. 



"Dr. Wish is the best in OC! I would recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing chiropractor! I have been experiencing neck/low back pain for years and after just one adjustment I finally feel relief!

Dr. Wish gives you results. If you’re experiencing pain or just want to live a healthier lifestyle then look no more! Go see Dr. Wishmyer and his amazing team at WISH Chirosport.”



“After the first treatment I felt relief. As time went on there was less and less pain, and also experienced less migraines, better sleep, and more energy. 

It’s amazing how much better I feel after an adjustment by the skilled hands of Dr. Wishmyer.”



"Dr. Wishmyer is awesome! I had neck issues and my range of motion has significantly improved and my headaches are gone. Dr. Wishmyer is a good listener, answers all your questions and addresses your issues."



"Wish granted” is the best description I can offer for this office. A month treatment corrected a problem I’d been living with for twenty years. After trying to get it corrected through yoga, pilates, massage and other approaches. 

Staff is warm and friendly I’d offer more stars if i could."




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