Our mission at WISH ChiroSport is to improve the health and well being of our patients by restoring the body’s natural healing ability while empowering them to reach their maximum potential to live a fulfilled life.



Dr. Jordan Wishmyer

Doctor of Chiropractic

Our founder, Dr. Jordan Wishmyer is a graduate of Parker University in Dallas, Texas. Parker University is amongst the top awarded Chiropractic colleges in the nation. Prior to obtaining his doctorate at Parker University, he obtained his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology: Exercise Science at Vanguard University of Southern California. While studying his undergrad at Vanguard University, Dr. Wishmyer pursued an athletic career playing baseball as a pitcher while leading the team as captain.

Growing up in Newport Beach, his athletic lifestyle lead him to train under renown coaches teaching him to focus on training, nutrition, improving performance and proper rehabilitation. Working with a variety of professional athletes increased his knowledge and drive to pursue Chiropractic and apply the principles to athletic performance. While heavily involved in collegiate sports, he worked at a Physical Therapy clinic gaining experience with rehabbing injuries, coordinating treatment plans and understanding the biomechanics of the human body.

Dr. Wishmyer is passionate about giving back to the community by educating from a health and wellness perspective on how to live a healthy lifestyle. He takes this mindset into local businesses and corporations with the same goal in mind. His objective is to revolutionize health care and strengthen the vitality of the Southern Orange County community.

He believes in treating the body as a whole, by looking at the cause of dysfunction not just the symptom. Dr. Wishmyer prides himself in staying current on the latest techniques and healthcare advancements in order to maintain his reputation for excellence.


Wellness Director

Growing up in Southern California, Caitlin was driven in pursuing a career where her passions met her purpose. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Business Management with Magna Cum Laude honors. Her keen eye for marketing, design, branding and creativity lead her to work for various creative companies where she was able to executively manage and fine tune her skill sets.

Caitlin grew up striving for excellence focusing her energy on sports playing softball, soccer and gymnastics. These experiences played an integral part in her desire to create a life filled of wellness and passion to help others on the same mission. She is a wellness advocate who believes whole-heartedly that true health starts from the inside. Her goal is to help people become the very best version of themselves through inspiration and knowledge about holistic health.

Growing up in a large Chiropractic loving, wellness warrior family dynamic, Caitlin has been adjusted since birth. Seeing the true power in being adjusted and what the body is designed to feel like since she was just a little girl.



Alix was born and raised in Orange County where she has spent the last seven years working in the medical field. After graduating high school, where she spent twelve years as a competitive cheerleader, she started her career in Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. Experiencing many injuries herself, she knows the importance of Chiropractic care and how it enhances recovery.

Alix loves helping to promote the importance of Chiropractic and the benefits while watching patients on their journey to better health and ultimate wellness! She thrives to offer five-star service patient care and loves building relationships with each and every one of our patients.



Natalie grew up in Los Angeles, where she graduated with her degree in Health Administration. She has worked in the medical aesthetic field for four years. Slowly, she started to realize that she was only helping people to feel better about their physical appearance vs something bigger she could be a part of in healthcare. She’s extremely passionate to promote true health from the inside out. “A healthy outside starts from the inside” is one of her favorite quotes.

Her goal is to aid those looking to focus on wellness and longevity by creating a healthy lifestyle and helping keep those accountable. Natalie prides herself on always providing pristine patient care with a smile and can’t wait to help assist you in achieving amazing results.


Sports Therapist

Danae is a graduate of the National Holistic Institute for Massage Therapy. While pursuing her degree she played competitive volleyball for four years. Passionate about sports therapy, she was inspired by her father who is a retired Chiropractor.

She holds true passion for holistic massage therapy and has a thriving interest in helping others reach their ultimate health and wellness goals naturally. Specializing in deep tissue sports therapy, myofascial release techniques and prenatal massage therapy.

Each massage is tailored to every patients’ individual needs and keeping everyone she works with feeling their best is her top goal!


Chiropractic is a form of healthcare that uses the body’s own natural abilities to heal from the inside out. Many people assume Chiropractors are primarily bone doctors, however it is more than that; we are nervous system doctors. The nervous system is known as the master system of the body controlling every cell, organ, muscle and tissue. When there is interference within the spinal column it will cause dysfunction to the nerve, we call this subluxation. Studies show that the weight of a dime is able to decrease the function of a nerve by 60%; this is only 8-10mmHG of pressure. So the smallest amount of pressure on a nerve will create a significant amount of dysfunction. 

Chiropractors use a specific Chiropractic adjustment to remove this pressure on a nerve and put the bone back in alignment. This allows for the body to heal and function properly the way it was created to. Chiropractic care is used for a number of various dysfunctions within the body while improving posture and alignment. Many times these dysfunctions are aches and pains but where Chiropractic thrives is preventing those aches and pains. Most importantly, this allows the body to function and work at its optimal ability helping individuals reach their maximum potential.

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Chiropractic Adjustment

The Chiropractic adjustment is a specific impulse applied to the spine in order to correct the position of a vertebra that is subluxated. There are many different techniques that can be used to make the proper corrective adjustment. Dr. Wishmyer has training and experience in Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, Extremity, Upper Cervical, and Activator. Dr. Wishmyer has additional experience with Applied Kinesiology, Active Release Technique, Fascial Distortion Model and is constantly studying the latest advancements in order to provide the best care for his patients. Every patients needs are different and unique so each patient will receive care that is most specific for their needs.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression is a gentle, non-surgical, highly effective solution for disc related low-back and neck pain. It is a state-of-the-art procedure for bulging, herniated, or degenerated discs in the neck and low back. This therapy is designed to help repair and pump fluid back into the disc.

Through the stretch and release protocols of the decompression procedure, negative pressure is created in the disc over time. This vacuum effect draws any herniated or bulging material back into the disc. By relieving pressure in the spine, increased circulation also occurs in the disc which is a vital aid in the healing process.

During this therapy you’ll experience several cycles of stretch and relief aid. Therapy sessions usually last up to fifteen-minute increments per individual session. For best results Spinal Decompression is typically performed in conjunction with Chiropractic adjustments, Soft-Tissue Therapy and Rehabilitative Exercises. Our goal is to not only heal the disc, but also enhance muscular control and support of the spine.

Why Choose DecompressioN?
• Promotes and enhances healing of the disc with pain relief
• Reduces disc protrusions, bulges and herniations
• Reduces nerve pinching, irritation, or impingementPromotes pain relief
• Reduces muscle spasms and tonicity


• Bulging or Herniated Disc
• Sciatica with Back Pain
• Carpal Tunnel with Neck Pain
• Facet Syndrome
• Spinal Arthritis and Degeneration

• Radiculopathy
• Spondylolisthesis
• Stenosis
• Car Accidents
• Failed Spinal Surgery


I am so thankful to have found WISH ChiroSport! I had an injury years ago that never healed properly. It worsened over time and got to the point where it was keeping me from being able to do my daily duties. I went on a quest for an entire year to get relief and ended up defeated thinking surgery was my only option.

After months of injections, physical therapy, yoga and other home therapies I got referred to Dr. Wishmyer. Through a care plan consisting of chiropractic and spinal decompression that latest only a few months I am fixed! I am back to exercising daily, picking up and playing with my kids and feel better than I have in years!




At WISH ChiroSport we use the latest state of the art techniques and equipment to ensure proper and specific care for each of
our patients. Dr. Wishmyer specializes in motion study digital X-rays. This is a diagnostic technique used to get an in depth look at how the body is moving and ultimately functioning.


Rehabilitative Exercise is an important aspect of care as it can help facilitate the healing process and allow the Chiropractic adjustment to maintain and ultimately correct. Dr. Wishmyer will spend time walking each patient through specific rehabilitative exercises that he or she can do at home to assist the adjustment and aide in the corrective process.


Neuromuscular re-education is a very important aspect of care that not every patient needs or receives. The goal of this technique is to retrain the body on how it is designed to function properly. Neuromuscular re-education taps into the nervous system and helps correct faulty movement patterns and positioning of the body in space. There are many different tools and techniques used to achieve this at WISH ChiroSport.


Performance Release Therapy is a specific technique used to allow the muscles to release and decrease spasm. This technique works best in conjunction with adjustments to allow for correction of ones structure. There is a specific time in which this therapy is applied in order to maximize the patient’s care.

Therapeutic techniques combined with Chiropractic work together simultaneously creating a synergistic affect resulting in a much faster recovery time.



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